Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Precautions For Pets

With the holidays here, a lot of homes are decorated with all sorts of glittery and bright colored things. Some items can be toxic, such as poinsettia plants, holly, and other materials used in creating decorations. Wreaths, for example, can be made from artificial greens or from real ones. Table centerpieces may include toxic plant matter as well.

If you have a tree in the house, all the ornaments hanging on it may catch anyone's attention and imagination, including kids, cats, and the dog! Some pets are very well behaved and can be taught to leave them alone, but don't count on it when you aren't present.

Then, as the end of the year approaches, more parties are planned, maybe at your house. There might be food items that pets should not get into, including beverages that include alcohol.

And then there might be fireworks in your neighborhood on New Year's Eve. Just remember how this worked for your dog over the Fourth of July and take the same precautions to prevent anxiety from loud noises and a lot of activity in the household.

You may be celebrating, but remember to include your dog's best interests, too.