Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Gal Friday

We named this one Gal Friday because she came to us yesterday, on a Friday. And she is the sweetest dog! She's very smart and knows a few commands, but her youthful exuberance makes her want to play all the time.

She appears to have been abandoned by the side of the highway, as she was "prairie dogging" (standing up to look into cars as they passed by) and test-darting up to cars that looked familiar, apparently looking for her humans.

When we pulled over, she came right to us and jumped eagerly into our van, as if to say, "Finally! My ride is here!"

The first thing we did back home was to leash her so she wouldn't run off, but it was supper time, and she's very thin, so we "did supper." We have a routine, and she learned it immediately.

Each dog is required to SIT by their bowl and then they get their portion. She was last on the list, but by then, she knew what to do!

At this time, she is being advertised as a lost dog, just in case she was NOT abandoned and her owners are looking for her.

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