Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Costumes For Dogs?

Every year we have fun dressing the kids up for Halloween, but what if you don't have kids? Or what if the kids want to take the family dog with them for Trick-or-Treat? More people now are even answering their doors in costume and like to include the family dog for that, too.

Should your dog wear a costume?

We've seen some really weird ones, some really funny ones, and some that probably should not be worn by anyone, even a pet rock.

Just as with the children, a costume should be comfortable, safe and practical. If it hurts, annoys or restricts your dog's movement, it probably is not the right outfit. It should be loose enough to allow normal movement as well as "breathing room." Too tight, and it could get too hot as well.

Remember, your dog doesn't know what Halloween is and may be very stressed out about the extra activity and noise. However, if your dog has been in your family long enough, he may be happy about the extra attention he gets, and is probably motivated to do whatever pleases his owner. Some dogs may feel better if allowed to sit out the festivities in a quiet bedroom, while others seem to enjoy the extra petting and attention.

Just be in tune with your dog's needs and Trick or Treat night should go very well.

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