Sunday, December 15, 2013

These dogs need a home, urgently!

UPDATE, Dec. 21, 2013: Just got word that Mitzi has been adopted. Boomer is still waiting but is safe at the foster home for as long as needed. Unfortunately, the news isn't good for Panda Bear. She had to be euthanized the other day after one hip was injured when she fell and the femur head ripped through the hip bone and damaged internal tissues. Surgery to repair this is prohibitively expensive for the foster family, and due to the extreme pain and uncertainty of the outcome of any surgery, it was decided to end her suffering. Condolences to all who knew and loved her, and to the foster family for their devotion to her well being.

These three dogs are living in a foster home for now and are safe, but they can't stay there forever, sadly. The foster family loves them very much but they must keep their rescues moving so they can have room for the next dog or cat that desperately needs a home.

This is Panda Bear, a Great Dane mix. She's only one year old and has just been spayed and vaccinated. She's healthy, housebroken, and kennel-trained, but she has a problem: her hip sockets didn't form correctly. She has trouble walking and is in pain if she tries to run and play. So she gets depressed and lays down a lot. The veterinarians feel surgery to remove the ball joints will help her to adapt as she recovers and the joints may "remodel" so she can live a more normal life. She needs a calm, more or less quiet, home with patient caregivers. She would prefer a playful, noisy house, with kids, but her condition wouldn't allow her to survive it.
And these two little white dogs on the right are Boomer and Mitzi. They have not been apart from each other since they met, so it's pretty important for them to be adopted together. They are not from the same litter or anything, but they are inseparably in love. Mitzi is 8 years old, spayed, vaccinated, up to date on all shots, housebroken, etc. Boomer is neutered and up to date as well. Mitzi is a miniature Maltese and Boomer is a Poodle/Maltese mix. He's only slightly larger.

All of these dogs are available for adoption to the right families. Send any inquiries by email to:


Anonymous said...

Where are these doggies?

Dr. P said...

Thanks for your inquiry. They are currently in a foster home in western Nebraska. If you are nearby or in a position to visit them, contact me again for specific information. Send me a phone number if you'd like to discuss the possibilities! Thanks so much!

Dr. P said...

By the way, leaving me your phone number is safe. If you do not want it to appear in this comment area, just say the word and I will keep it to myself. I will call you as soon as I can.